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Anchor Rode Scopes

Recently, I had a couple customer questions. The first was about anchor rode scope.  He is new to boating and anchoring.  After a long discussion, I created a PDF.  He found it useful and suggested I share it. Note that the chart has four different pages.  In the first page, the user must add the [...]

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Another Happy Supermax Anchor Onwer

Here is a email we just recently received from another Very Happy Supermax Owner! Well, I must say this is an impressive piece of hardware! My dock neighbors are gawking at it, mostly because it is unlike most other anchors they are familiar with, but also because it is so massive! I sent along a [...]

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Expert Advice: How To Set Anchor In Any Seabed & Any Conditions

REEDVILLE, VIRGINIA (USA) – For any anchor to perform to its maximum potential and design, it must be set properly according to the manufacturer's directions, advises Steve Bedford of Max Marine Products, manufacturer of SuperMAX™ anchors. “If in doubt, contact the manufacturer of your anchor regarding any specific setting procedures unique to your anchor,” Steve [...]

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Local family acquires, relocates boat anchor company to Reedville

MaxMarine products makes local news. Read the story Rappahannock Record

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Trawlers and Trawlering Question

Recently, a message was posted on the very popular Trawlers-and-Trawlering (T&T) list serve: "@ Steve Bedford, good luck with your new business. I hope you'll provide some 2016 data.  Most infos seem to go back to Cptn Will 15 years ago. The original builder made a lot of auto-promotion to explain why it was so good, but I'd [...]

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Thoughts on Anchor Testing

The Super MAX Anchor has always performed well in anchor testing.  Anchor testing is done under controlled situations which is critical for fair comparisons.  However, the consumer needs to consider information about the controlled anchor tests. The sponsor of the test. If an anchor company sponsors a test and if there are no other independent [...]

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Matching ground tackle

The importance of matching all components of a vessel’s ground tackle can not be overlooked.  Anchor companies sell anchors based on a vessels weight or length.  As a cost saving measure, anchor companies recommend an anchor that is at the lower end of a vessel’s length.  They convince the boat owner that their anchor, at [...]

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“The Max”, Weighing-in, Well here goes,

Yeah, I've done some sailing and a lot of anchoring. I've also taken advantage of very nice marinas when available. That said, I believe the Max anchor is the best anchoring hook on the planet at this time. I am talking real life experiences in a wide variety of anchoring situations and not about some [...]

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