Mission Statement and History


To provide the strongest holding anchor to give working and pleasure boaters peace of mind.


In 1993, Andy Peabody designed the original MAX anchor in Natchez, Mississippi. This early version demonstrated superior holding in various seabeds. The holding was so effective that the MAX anchor actually bent under severe strain – yet it continued to hold.   In 1995, Andy made a slight design modification and began using a higher strength steel.  This improved design became the Super MAX anchor. Andy continued to manufacture the Super MAX anchor until 2014.

In 2015, we purchased the Super MAX anchor business, including its patented, unique design, its high-quality steel and coating materials, and the equipment to make the anchor. We created MAX Marine Products, LLC to manufacture and sell the Super MAX anchor, and founded our business in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay in Reedville, Virginia. Today, we are working hard to re-establish the production of the Super MAX, the strongest holding anchor in the world.

Our Team

MAX Marine Products is owned by Ann and Steve Bedford, who are avid, life-long boaters. They bought the Super MAX business because of their belief in the superior quality of the product and because of their strong connection to the boating community.  They want everyone who enjoys boating to relish the security that comes from the holding power of a Super MAX anchor. Our team includes a certified tradesman welder, whose master handiwork goes into producing each made-to-order anchor.