Here is a email we just recently received from another Very Happy Supermax Owner!

Well, I must say this is an impressive piece of hardware! My dock neighbors are gawking at it, mostly because it is unlike most other anchors they are familiar with, but also because it is so massive! I sent along a couple of pictures, thought you might want to see how she fits in my bow pulpit. The teak platform and bow rail are original. I removed the existing bow rollers, front and back, and left the original bronze channel between the teak platform pieces. I added the factory bow roller on the front, effectively extending the front roller out about 4 inches. I also added the manual windlass with a custom plate to extend it off the platform a bit to give room for the anchor shaft.

I can’t wait to drop her in the mud. We still have about two weeks before we shove off.

Thanks for all of your help. Without our correspondence and the additional dimensions you provided I would not have been able to accomplish the modifications to the anchor platform to get the anchor to fit. And, just so you know, I would have had to make these modifications no matter which anchor I had decided on as none of the newer scoop type anchors would fit. My existing CQR didn’t really fit very well. I did a lot of research on the various scoop anchors before finally deciding on the SuperMax. It’s not easy making a decision like this without actually seeing the product and just looking at pictures or videos. Now that the anchor is in hand I firmly believe I made the right choice. Again, your correspondence was invaluable to me. Thanks again.

Andy Woods
Grand Folly
1970 Grand Banks 36 Classic
Blades, DE.