​After Hurricane Matthew I found myself purchasing a new Super Max anchor.  It had held my Gemini 105MC (35′ cat sail boat) through the worst but when the winds shifted as the storm moved north of New Smyrna Beach, Florida the anchor rode was cut 50′ out fom my bow by something under the water.  Winds at the worst of the storm had briefly been as high as 85 to 100 mph. My boat was damaged after it got hung up on a dock but it was still floating and need some minor repairs. 

I have been and still am a true beliver in the holding power of the SUPER MAX.  I had owned my MAX15 for many years and had been through many storms over the years.  It has never let me down (loose).

After talking to Steve, I was torn between the Max15 and the Max16.  I knew I really wanted the larger Max16 but I was unsure if it would be too long for the bow of my boat.  Steve jumped right in and said he was coming to Florida for a personal trip.  He was going to Jacksonville and he’d bring both size anchors.  I live in New Smyrna Beach, another 100+ miles down the road.  I was extremely impressed by his offer and about a week later he showed with the anchors. I ended up with the Max16.

Here is the bottom line.  The best anchor I have ever owned and the best customer service I have ever received.