Super MAX Anchors

The Super MAX Anchor is a remarkably strong, superior anchor, capable of holding on any seabed, in any conditions. From grass to coral, tidal currents and hurricane winds, the Super MAX anchor is unsurpassed in its hold. This means secure peace of mind for owners, captains, and crew.

Super MAX anchors use high-tensile strength American tool-grade steel that is harder than any steel used in competitive anchors. They are hot dip galvanized for years of protection, while competitive anchors use electro-galvanizing that deposits less than half the zinc on their anchors. Super MAX anchors are made in America, by American workers, using American made products and materials.

The Super MAX anchor comes in a variety of sizes from the Super MAX 9″ to the Super MAX 22″ and your selection is based upon the weight of your boat. (Please refer to this table for our suggestions on which anchor is best suited to various boat sizes.) And the Super MAX anchor is available in both a rigid and pivoting shank model. The rigid shank model provides convenience in common and familiar seabeds; the pivoting shank allows for customization to accommodate any seabed in the world.